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Water Odyssey™ Aquatic Playgrounds

Water Odyssey of Utah, Idaho & Nevada is ready to help you design your next aquatic playground. The aquatic playground experts at All About Play will help you with Water Odyssey Products in California. If you are looking for help with your aquatic playground project in California please visit here.

Water Odyssey™ by Fountain People, Inc. designs & manufactures the most unique and innovative line of aquatic play equipment available today. The highest quality materials- stainless steel and brass – the most durable finish in the industry, and easy to use controllers differentiate us from other manufacturers of similar products. Water Odyssey™ products are proudly manufactured in the USA .
A community contemplating the addition of a recreational facility today must consider an aquatic playground. Children have a natural affinity for water and Water Odyssey™ aquatic playgrounds provide them with a safe and wholesome interactive water play environment.

  • Recreational Attraction – Aquatic Playgrounds outdraw traditional playgrounds and, where appropriate, they can generate revenue.
  • Aesthetic Improvement – With their bright colors and alluring water displays, aquatic playground installations can play an important role in the renewal of an older park.
  • Play Safety – Properly designed and maintained, aquatic playgrounds are as safe as more traditional playgrounds. Since there is no standing water, they are safer than swimming or wading pools.
  • Health Safety – Whether operated from the potable city water supply or as a re-circulating system, properly designed and maintained aquatic playgrounds are as safe as public swimming facilities.
  • Cost-Effective Installation – When compared to swimming pool and aquatic center construction, aquatic playgrounds cost significantly less to install.
  • Cost-Effective Operation – Overall operating costs for the typical aquatic playground are substantially lower than the typical public swimming facility. Lifeguards are not required.

Water Odyssey™ Fun Forms

Fun Forms are themed aquatic playground forms that bring your aquatic playground to life making it more playful and enticing for the children. You can view some Fun Forms here.

Spray Park, Splash Pad, Spary Grounds, Wet Deck, Aquatic Playground it does not matter what name you go by just add water and it becomes instant fun.

For more information contact your representative or fill out our information request form.

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