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Tot Builders

When developing new Tot Builders, child development and inclusive play experts were consulted to ensure the growing needs of children ages 2 to 5 years were supported, whether they’re typically developing or have disabilities. Tot Builders were thoughtfully designed to make it easy for adults to interact with children as they play, or to supervise play from a distance. Include Tot Builders in your play space design to create a whimsical environment that engages all visitors. Watch the video above to learn more.

More On Tot Builders

Children will step into a world of their own creation with Tot Builders, a collection of playhouses by Little Tikes Commercial. With eight different options Tot Builders are packed with play value and surprise details that will keep children coming back to discover more.

Net & Rope Play

Rope play gives children the opportunity to create their own challenge climbing paths. Our new rope elements have modern aesthetic with all the play value of traditional rope structure. If you are looking for something different, use one of our unique rope structure designs or let us put together a complete custom rope structure for you.

Sculpture Play

Our new play sculptures will bring whimsical fun to any play area. The new play sculptures are made out of GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) and these elements weigh less than those made of concrete but are just as durable. These elements are low maintenance, UV-stable and available in bright colors with charming details. These sculptures will add memorable identity to any play area and draw kids in.

PC # DSA Shade

Poligon PC Steel Shade shelters and walkway covers for schools and USA Shade PC Fabric Shade structures for schools have their DSA PC approved to CBC 2016 and are now ready for project approval, ordering and installation. Poligon has PC numbered steel hip, gabled, monoslopes and cantilevered walkway covers. USA Shade has 18 fabric structures with PC numbers ready to go.

Fitness Equipment

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness introduces their new X-Treme Ninja line for 2020. Put your strength, agility and endurance to the test as you race through the obstacles to improve your time and compete with your friends. Offering over 20 challenging features, X-Treme Ninja will be a great addition to any outdoor space.

Play Stax

Kids are loving Play Stax. Reigniting the magic of play, PlayStax provides a play space that evokes a sense of wonder for both children and observers imagining a playground built by kids for kids. With towering heights, unpredictable play patterns and a unique world of adventure, they embody the ideal of bringing the magic of outdoor play to all. Best of all, PlayStax are modular to meet your space and budget requirements – choose one unit or stack up to three.

New Play Components

Little Tikes has introduced a number of new rope play components for both Kid Builders and Play Builders. If single rope climbing access is what you want or rope linking components, Little Tikes has what you need with multiple styles that will keep children challenged and engaged every time they visit the playground. Call us for more details about all of these new play components.

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