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Play Stax

Reigniting the magic of play, PlayStax provides a play space that evokes a sense of wonder for both children and observers imagining a playground built by kids for kids. With towering heights, unpredictable play patterns and a unique world of adventure, they embody the ideal of bringing the magic of outdoor play to all. Best of all, PlayStax are modular to meet your space and budget requirements – choose one unit or stack up to three.

Ancient Wonders

Add some wonder to your space! Ignite children’s imaginations when you transform your play space into an adventure setting. Kids will love pretending they are on an epic quest as they dart between ruins and battle the giant anaconda. Create a special themed play environment without creating a full custom playground. Ancient Wonders is made of durable Polyfibercrete and sealed with an acrylic coating to deter vandalism and ensuring that the adventures will last for years to come.

Free Standing Play

Little Tikes is introducing a family of new net spinners and the Turnabout inclusive surface level spinner. Turnabout is a merry-go-round type spinner that is flush with the ground allowing up to two wheelchairs to transfer effortlessly onto the spinner. The Zoom, Twirl and Twist are three new 360° net spinners that combine the excitement of spinning with the challenge of climbing for an exhilarating play experience.

Sculpture Play

Our new play sculptures will bring whimsical fun to any play area. The new play sculptures are made out of GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) and these elements weigh less than those made of concrete but are just as durable. These elements are low maintenance, UV-stable and available in bright colors with charming details. These sculptures will add memorable identity to any play area and draw kids in.

PC # DSA Shade

Poligon PC Steel Shade shelters and walkway covers for schools and USA Shade PC Fabric Shade structures for schools have their DSA PC approved to CBC 2016 and are now ready for project approval, ordering and installation. Poligon has PC numbered steel hip, gabled, monoslopes and cantilevered walkway covers. USA Shade has 18 fabric structures with PC numbers ready to go.

Fitness Equipment

Greenfields has released its new cross fitness Rig and X-Rig for those who are looking for a more intense workout. TrekFit has rolled out some very unique equipment with a fresh new look that brings great form and function. Take a look at TrekFit’s new obstacle challenges. The Bamboo Jungle, Cargo Net, Crossing of Giants and the Climbing Wall would be great additions to any outdoor space. Not a lot of space? Maybe Littles Tikes new fitness clusters would better meet your needs.

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Feeling Inspired?

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